Yellow Mountain Martial Arts

Welcome to Yellow Mountain Martial Arts. We are martial arts enthusiasts based (mostly) in Southampton, England who want to bring you great deals on martial arts equipment, apparel and clothing.  We are a co-operative of friends who pitched in to start this website.  Between us we train in kung fu, taichi, kickboxing, Muay Thai, karate and even wrestling.  We've also been inspired by some guys in Adelaide to try some parkour. And we've been lucky enough to have had the honour to train at Shaolin, China and Koh Tao, Thailand.  

We're a pretty new startup, having started our online store in June 2012. But we've been selling in a bricks and mortar shop and on sites like ebay for over a year. We like that it's cheaper for us and you to bring you our own website.  We hope our experience will bring you great service and provide you with quality products at fair prices.

Who we are

Ros (Customer Service Guru) - Ros has cross-trained in karate and kickboxing and her other interests include running, cats, organizing stuff and travelling when she's got the money to do it.  Ros does our postage and will look after you if there are any problems.  We try our hardest to make sure that you have a smooth and pleasant transaction, but if for any reason you don't she'll sort it out for you.

Chris (Our Teckie Bloke) - Chris's love is kung fu, having trained in Gloucester at YKS Kung Fu for many years. At 6 foot 7 he hasn't picked the easiest sport for his build but nonetheless he's at a great level with it.  He gives us technical guidance and saves us the cost of glass as we don't need to hurl our computers through the window anymore.

Helen (Our lady in China) - Helen is simply smashing; as pretty much almost everything is made in China these days she makes sure that only the best stuff gets to our store.  She's a very cool character and awesome at Tai Chi. We couldn't do it without her.

Greg (Community News)- I'm the one writing this, I want lots of people to visit the site, let us know what they think and grab some quality bargains in the process.  If you subscribe to our newsletter I'll be keeping you up to date on new products and offers, using your kind suggestions to make things better, as well as posting some interesting blogs that you might like to read and participate in; not just about us but about anything martial arts related.  I trained in Gloucester with Chris but am now in Southampton, I train in self-defence, Muay Thai and the odd bit of wrestling.  I'm a qualified personal trainer and I just love sports and martial arts so I'm delighted to be involved with Yellow Mountain.

We'd love to hear about you- what you train in, your martial arts stories and experiences, what you'd like from a martial arts shop and if you picked up a couple of items while you're here, even better!  Thank you for taking the time to come to our website.

Yellow Mountain Martial Arts is a trading name of Yellow Mountain Martial Arts Limited, Company No. 08099987, registered in the UK under the UK Companies Act (2006).