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Shaolin Monk Touring Shoes by DaFu Feiyue - Black and Silver

Feiyue China

These are one of our absolute favourite Feiyue shoe.  A black look with silver chevrons, that complements the Shaolin Monk uniform (they don't just dress in orange!) as well as they will complement your own wardrobe.

Sleek, powerful, energising, awesome.

Feiyue shoes are favoured by martial artists in and around the Shaolin Temple in China and worn by Shaolin Monks when they tour. We import direct from Feiyue China, guaranteeing you a great quality, authentic and stylish kung fu shoe.

Take a leap of faith and sport these incredible Feiyue wushu shoes (Shaolin Monks not included)!

As featured in V&A Magazine


Shoes by Feiyue (Shanghai)