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Classic Black Top One Chinese Feiyue Shoes

Feiyue China

The original black design with white and red chevrons and the classic 'Feiyue' logo in white look great as casual or urban wear. A rubber sole with canvas upper make them a comfortable shoe with great grip. Green triangles on the soles, Top One logo on the tongue.

For years rumours of the existence of black Feiyues abounded in martial arts circles and, while the white version was well known, these were somewhat elusive to find. Now Feiyue China make their already renowned white version in black.  

Classic Black Kung Fu shoes by Feiyue China. Feiyue (meaning Leap or Fly Forwards in Chinese) is a fashionable brand of shoes which are great for martial arts, parkour, basketball, skateboarding, indoor climbing, raquet sports, the gym and many other sports.  

Feiyue shoes are favoured by martial artists in and around the Shaolin Temple in China and worn by Shaolin Monks when they tour. We import direct from Feiyue China, guaranteeing you a great quality, authentic and stylish kung fu shoe. They are also the shoe that most parkour practitioners (traceurs) recommend because of their grip and feeling of being close to barefoot in training.




Shoes by Feiyue (Shanghai)