Yellow Mountain Martial Arts

Classic Black DaFu Chinese Feiyue shoes

DaFu Feiyue (Shanghai)

Some of you prefer these- so we are making them available for general sale.

The DaFu factory in Shanghai makes shoes for the export market, so they have a few touches that the classic Top One shoes (made for the Chinese market) don't- these include a different tongue label, brand marked on the eyelets, a red circle on the sole and a definite Y in the logo on the sides. Initially the soles are a little less flexible than the Top One shoes, but they soon soften up.

The canvas used for DaFu shoes is slightly thicker than that used for Top One, and some people therefore find they run a tiny bit smaller. We would still advise you order your normal size as it's not the length but the dimensions of the foot that give this slight difference in fit, and everyone's feet are different. However, if you find Top One shoes to be a bit big, you might want to try a DaFu instead.

DaFu also make the hi-tops and the fancy styles that we sell.

We have a limited range of sizes, and once they're gone, they're gone!