Yellow Mountain Martial Arts

Meet the monks of Taguo Wushu school in Dengfeng, Henan province China. They have a great way of cross-training, using footballs to help their training, and they meditate while they balance the ball (and themselves) in various extraordinary poses. After that, they can't resist using their wushu skills for a bit of fun.

Anyone who has seen the film Shaolin Soccer will know that kung fu and football work pretty well together. But here we have proof of the amazing combination of wushu, football and Feiyue, as these monks are sporting the Classic White Feiyue shoe! Keep an eye out for them at Brazil 2014!



Do you wear your Feiyue for an unusual sport? Have you ever had a quick kickabout with your mates and dazzled them with a kick like this? We'd love to hear about what you and your Feiyue get up to.

Written by Ros Lyon — May 06, 2012