Yellow Mountain Martial Arts

Traditional Buddhist Mala / Prayer Beads and Bracelet


Traditional Buddhist Prayer beads from China that can be used for prayer and to focus awareness during meditation and also can be worn as a bracelet.  Each bead alternates an image of the Buddha and the Chinese character '佛', meaning Buddha and has a subtle infusion of sandalwood scent.

The  purpose of mala beads is to create a sense of tranquility and inner-peace for the individual. In reciting the prayer or mantra Buddhists believe ‘toxins' will leave and a sense of peace will enter making an individual that much closer to reaching nirvana. 

The beads are held in the left hand and a mantra (or chant) is said once for each bead as the beads are passed between the finger and thumb to count the mantra.  For circuits of these beads represent 108 mantras, a prolific number in Buddism.

If you'd like to use these and don't know any mantras a good one to start you off is 'Om shanti shanti shanti' meaning 'Om (simply a relaxing, cleansing sound)' peace, peace, peace.

Regular meditation has been shown to reduce stress, a major factor in many modern killer diseases.





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