Yellow Mountain Martial Arts

Tai Chi Sword / Wushu Sword 24 Carat Gold Plated SALE!


This beautiful handmade TaiChi sword has been produced by a family of 4 generations of swordsmiths for use in Tai Chi and other martial arts where sword forms are performed.

There is a beautiful 24 Carat Gold plated dragon on the handle which sits perfectly with the black and gold design of the scabbard. The handle is made of steel and we guarantee that the sword will remain rust free for years.

RRP £59.99.  Now only £29.99 for a limited time only!


Sword Length: 41 1/2"

Blade Length 27"




Under UK law we require that all buyers must provide official ID (either birth certificate, national ID card, copy of driving licence, copy of passport, or other government ID) showing they are 18 or over.  

We can only sell these for use in martial arts or theatrical performances.  Before we dispatch the sword we must see appropriate evidence that you belong to such an organisation (e.g. membership of martial arts club).

We will contact you after your purchase by email so you may email us these documents after which we will send the item(s) to you.

By buying the sword you agree that it will not be used by you, or any one else, for any other purpose than those just mentioned.  You further agree that you will not carry it in public or allow children to use it.

Because of the nature of this weapon we do reserve the right to refund and not ship, if we do this and you will receive a FULL refund.  

Please understand we must comply with UK law and these requirements help ensure our weapons are used appropriately in the UK.


US Buyers

Your purchase will be dispatched from Illinois and you are not subject to the checks listed for UK buyers above as your Second Amendment rights apply.


EU Buyers (excluding UK)

By buying this weapon you certify that it is legal for you to purchase and import this weapon in your country.  Items seized at customs will not be refunded.  Items returned to us if rejected by your country's customs will be refunded minus full shipping and return costs (excluding any promotional shipping we offer).


Other locations

We do not ship this item to non-EU/US addresses. 

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