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Yellow Mountain Martial Arts and Kiva

We believe business can be used for good, that's why at Yellow Mountain Martial arts we are a member of Social Enterprise UK as well as joining with to provide interest-free, not-for-profit loans to some of the world's poorest communities.

Like Kiva we believe providing safe, affordable access to capital to those in need helps people create better lives for themselves and their families.  We invest our profits through Kiva to help provide these loans.  As the loans are repaid we will reinvest them elsewhere thus maximizing their impact.  For more info on how kiva works visit

To date we have provided over US$10000 in interest free loans to over 300 projects and small/start-up businesses in developing countries and plan to increase this over time. All thanks to our customers who support our business. 

Want to make a FREE Kiva loan? Just sign up at for a FREE $25 loan (no payment info required, new Kiva users only, while stocks last).

We're very excited to see how this changes peoples lives for the better and would like to share with you (below) the stories of just few of the people we've been able to help so far.


Parizat, Yintymak Village, Kyrgyzstan (Agriculture)

Parizat is 36 years old, married and the mother of five children (three daughters and two sons). She has secondary education. After finishing high school, Parizat worked as a courier until the collapse of the Soviet Union.

In 1995 Parizat started working with agriculture and livestock breeding, after having started a business with 5,000 som (KGS). Parizat's husband helps her in her business. Thanks to Parizat and her husband's persistent work, today they have a good business: 200 sheep and milking cows. They also have 4.34 hectares of irrigated land available, where they mainly grow beans. The income made it possible for Parizat to multiply the number of livestock on the farm and thereby increase the well-being of the family.

Funded from us helps Parizat to further develop her business further andpurchase six sheep. Parizat plans to invest the profits from the loan in her children's education, and also to build a new house. The family is very friendly and ambitious.

Naseema, Jhang, Pakistan (Food Production/Sales)

Naseema is a 31-year-old married woman, pictured here with her husband. They have been providing a service of cooking from their own home for a period of about six years. Naseema enjoys making food and she became famous in her town for proving these facilities.  Her husband assists her in taking orders from customers and then helps deliver them.

Naseema is a responsible mother is looking to increase her income to meet the daily needs of her family members. That is why she requested a loan of Rs. 10,000 (US$125) to buy stock of rice along with packs of oil and salt at lower wholesale rates from the market. In this way, she will be able to reduce her costs, increase her sales and thus her profits. Naseema wishes to use her earned profit on her children’s education and well-being.

Al Jawad Group, Tayouneh, Lebanon (Retail)

Najwa is a 35-year-old married mother of seven children, standing on the left in the picture. She owns a small business where she sells lingerie, perfume, and creams. Her husband is a retired military officer, and their combined revenue is not even enough to provide for three people, let alone for the four others. Her family is in an extremely dire situation, and this loan is most probably her last escape out of misery and poverty. She will use the loan to purchase merchandise to enhance and expand her business in order to raise her revenue, and would allow her to provide a better life for her seven children.

Nisrine is a 36-year-old divorced mother of one child, who is still living under her protection and care. She owns a small international call center shop. She will use her part of the loan in order to expand and enhance her business by purchasing merchandise, as well as installing perfuming machines in the shop.

Norma is a 25 year-old single lady. She owns a small hairdresing salon where she is in charge of the hairdressing section. She needs the loan in order to purchase creams and shampoos for her saloon.


Gai, Saigon, Vietnam (Entertainment)

Gai is a 62-year-old widowed woman. She lives with her two sons in Ho Chi Minh City. For three years, she has run a pool shop that serves people in her community.

We helped fund a loan to enable Gai to purchase a better quality pool table and a supply of soft drinks to sell to customers. She hopes this will enable her to better meet the needs of her current customers and attract additional customers.

She also hopes that through her loan she will be able to increase her income and save money for any future difficulties facing her family.


Yellow Mountain Martial Arts is proud to have now invested in over 100 businesses/projects in 41 different developing countries. For a full list of those you've helped us help so far please see our Kiva Loan Page

Yellow Mountain Martial Arts and Cool Earth.



As a result of our our 2012-3 campaign we were able to protect 7 acres of rainforest in Peru in partnership with This will protect at least 308 mature rainforest trees, 1330 saplings, 6 endangered species of animal, 322 types of plants and over 11,000 species of insects and worms as well as keeping 1920 tonnes of carbon where it belongs: the equivalent of the annual CO2 emissions for 1274 average sized UK households! 


'Green' Yellow Mountain

In order to minimise our effect on the environment, at Yellow Mountain we do the following:

  • We support Cool Earth
  • We include green projects in developing nations in our Kiva portfolio
  • All staff are provided with a bicycle and public transportation cards free of charge, and use these for business travel as much as possible
  • Our envelopes are made from 77% recycled material, and wideley recyclable.
  • We recycle or reuse any and all excess packaging materials that we can.
  • We remove all unnecessary packaging before importing our products and donate it to an orphanage in Shanghai. They use this for arts and crafts activities or to raise funds by selling the packaging to local independent recyclers.
  • We use minimal packaging when posting items to our customers, meaning less fuel is needed to transport goods but still ensuring your purchases arrive in perfect condition.
  • We run our business from energy efficient computers that are free from heavy metals, and buy from companies that have good environmental policies of their own.
  • We import our products as efficiently as possible, ensuring optimal cargo transportation and reduced carbon emissions.
  • We use a 'green energy' tariff for our electricity.

  All purchases qualify for helping social enterprise and items can be found here