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IMPERFECT classic black Top One Feiyue - misplaced glue

Feiyue China

Sold out.

The original classic black shoe from Top One Feiyue but with significant glue where it shouldn't be.

Untidy glue is common on Chinese Feiyue, but it should be near to the bits that are being stuck together. On these shoes, our manufacturers have got a bit overexcited with the glue brush and have got it onto parts of the shoe where no glue should be. This will look like a slightly shiny patch, usually on the side, occasionally on a toe. The image hopefully shows what we mean.

We regret that we won't be able to exchange for other sizes, and these are sold as seen- we won't be accepting returns on account of them not being perfect as that's the whole point! Your statutory rights are unaffected.

This listing will be updated with any other shoes across all our styles that we find with this problem.

Shoes by Feiyue (Shanghai)